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Enrolment Information

The best way to see if Marina View School is right for your child is to visit us. Talk to our Principal or Deputy Principals and have a wander around the school. These visits tell you a lot about the culture and values of the school. We encourage all prospective families to make an appointment because we want you to have as much information about us and what we stand for.

If your child is starting school, you may pre-enrol them well in advance of their 5th birthday. This helps our school plan ahead and for new entrants to enjoy the opportunity of pre-entry school visits. Please be aware that in order to preserve the current optimum size of our school, we operate an enrolment scheme. Students living inside our school zone have automatic entitlement to enrolment. If you are not in zone, check out our Out of Zone enrolment information under School Zone for more detail.

Please note all students MUST be enrolled with the school before they can start.

General Enrolment

What forms do I need to complete to enrol?

You will be able to collect an enrolment form from our office, together with required consent forms. You simply need to complete these forms and supply the information outlined on the school enrolment check-list.

Where do I need to return the forms to?

Please return the enrolment forms and required consent forms to the school office. Bring the original documents, i.e. Birth Certificate, to our team in the office who will copy them while you wait. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please remember to bring in the following documents:

  • Proof of Child’s Age – Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Proof of address – Current rates notice or tenancy agreement with receipt of bond to the Bonds Office
  • Immunisation Certificate

Enrolment Procedure for Beginning New Entrants

Marina View office staff will inform you approximately four weeks before your child’s class is due to start. At this time you will be told the dates of your child’s two school visits.

In order to provide the best learning environment, and utilisation of school resources, we strongly recommend children do not begin in December. We find that the end of the year, with its many end of year celebrations, is not the best start for most children. We believe it is important for children to begin with the teacher and class that they will be with for the school year. Your child is able to stay at kindergarten, playcentre or other day care centres until they start school. There is no requirement for children to start at school as soon as they turn five. We will be starting a new class when the numbers are viable, such as six students. Anything fewer than this is not a good social or learning group.

Please wait to be advised of your child’s start date at school before informing the kindergarten, playcentre or day care centre of your child’s last day there.

All parents will be invited to a New Entrant evening prior to start date. At this evening you will be given information about your child’s transition to school and an enrolment pack. You simply need to complete these forms and supply the information outlined on the school enrolment check-list. You will also meet the Deputy Principal and new entrant staff. Together we will be able to answer questions you may have about learning and the routines at our school.

When you enrol your child, you are most welcome to make an appointment for one of our staff to show you around our school. As a general guide, children turning five between January and Easter are considered Year One and children turning five from May onwards are considered Year Zero.

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