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Cyber Safety at Marina View

Whilst use of the Internet brings enormous benefits to the teaching and learning opportunities available at school, we are also aware of understandable parental concerns regarding its use in the classroom. The school Cyber Safety policy aim to address these issues.

We believe that encouraging appropriate use of the Internet is a shared responsibility of schools and parents. The school office can give parents a copy of the Cyber Safety agreement. One part of our safety procedures is to ask you to talk to your children about our safety rules and to sign the form to show that you have read these guidelines and agree to abide by them. Please return the signed portion to the school office.

If you would rather that your child does not have access to the Internet in their classroom, please make sure the classroom teacher is aware of this.

We also update and present students work and photos of school functions on the website and in the newsletter. If you do not want your child’s photo to appear please contact the school.​

Family Zone

As part of our ongoing commitment to educational excellence and our duty of care to ensure students’ safety and well-being, we’re proud to announce that Marina View School has partnered with Family Zone. Family Zone is the leading provider of cyber safety security services to both schools and parents. To read more about this service please click on the below link:

MVS Family Zone

Rules for Cyber Safety

  1. I cannot use the Internet at School without signing and handing in this Use Agreement.
  2. School computers are to help me with classroom learning.
  3. It is important to keep safe while using the Internet. This means I must follow the school’s safety rules.
  4. The only time I can use the Internet and email at school is when a teacher is supervising me.
  5. I am not allowed to try and look up things on the Internet which I know are not for children. This might be dangerous mean or rude material. Some of it is against the law. (If I do not understand I will ask my teacher)
  6. I must be sensible when using computers and electronic devices. I know that I must not do anything that would hurt me or someone else, even as a joke.

For Parents and Caregivers

If your child is using the Internet at home and you are in need of advice on the issue of safety, we recommend you visit the NetSafe site: ​ Please take time to read the information and to discuss it with your child.

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